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2019 (19) reg Yamaha XSR700 XSR700 XTRIBUTE

Yamaha XSR700

Price: £5895.00

ThereÂ's no question that the XTribute is a great ride. With a nimble chassis, punchy motor and good fuelling itÂ's a bike that certainly puts a smile...

2018 (68) reg Honda CB500XA CB500XA-J

Honda CB500XA

Price: £3995.00

The Honda CB500XÂ's subtly larger proportions make it more versatile, more man-sized machine, while losing virtually nothing in terms of manageability...

2019 (19) reg Royal Enfield GT 650 CONTINENTAL CONTINENTAL GT650

Royal Enfield GT 650 CONTINENTAL

Price: £6399.00

The new Continental GT 650 Twin is an evolution of the Continental GT 535, which in turn, was an evolution of the Continental GT 250 - the original Ro...

2018 (18) reg Kawasaki Z1000SX ZX1000WJF

Kawasaki Z1000SX

Price: £8295.00

Find the power to move you in the new Z1000SX with seductive styling, latest electronic rideraids plus practical touring features. This machine is gua...

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