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2019 (19) reg Royal Enfield 500 CLASSIC STEALTH

Royal Enfield 500 CLASSIC

Price: £3695.00

There's a time to ride, and a time to call it a day, sit back and watch the universe blaze away in all its glory. To remember the joys and pains of th...

2019 (19) reg Keeway RKR 125 RKR 125 E4

Keeway RKR 125

Price: £2574.00

Give every ride the potential to be exhilarating, RKR features an advanced Liquid Cooled 125 power unit that produces 12.6 bhp thanks to its Single Cy...

2018 (18) reg Royal Enfield 500 CLASSIC Redditch Edition

Royal Enfield 500 CLASSIC

Price: £3695.00

Royal Enfield have given the Classic 500 model an aesthetic makeover with three new colors inspired by the models built during the 1950s at the Reddit...

2019 (19) reg Sym Jet 4 Jet 4 125E4

Sym Jet 4

Price: £2074.00

JET 4 has been the undisputed king of its particular hill for years, a sporty soul inhabits the stylish exterior that has seen its competitors come an...

2019 (19) reg Keeway Superlight SUPERLIGHT 125 SE

Keeway Superlight

Price: £2274.00

The most complete small cruiser available today brings forth the essence of primal motorcycling from decades past. If ever a reason to want an open ro...

2017 (17) reg Kawasaki J300 SC300CHFA

Kawasaki J300

Price: £3149.00

An innovative urban transport solution, the J300 seamlessly blends sport, control, comfort and
convenience, and wraps it all in a distinctive desig...

2019 (19) reg Benelli Naked BN125

Benelli Naked

Price: £2399.00

BN 125 is the new compact naked motorcycle from Benelli that is designed to capture the hearts of the newest generation of motorcycle riders. It is pe...

2019 (19) reg Sym Symphony 125 SR125 EURO 4

Sym Symphony 125

Price: £2274.00

Enjoyment in the ride is the purpose of Symphony SR. Clever, Chic, and Superior.
It's headlight curve inherits the sporty spirit from the Jet 4 f...

2019 (19) reg Sym JET 14 JET 14 A/C 125 EURO 4

Sym JET 14

Price: £2174.00

The newest edition to the Jet family is the big brother to them all. As with most big brothers you aspire to be them. Strong build quality, stability ...

2019 (19) reg Kawasaki NINJA 125 BX125AKFA

Kawasaki NINJA 125

Price: £3779.00

Welcome to Kawasaki and welcome to the iconic Ninja brand. The new A1 licence friendly Ninja 125 is not simply the first step on the Ninja road, it al...

2019 (19) reg Sym Crox 125 Crox 125 E4

Sym Crox 125

Price: £2074.00

Want a scooter that goes well, looks great, has great reliability & doesn't break the bank? Want all that with a little extra Bite? Then CROX should b...

2019 (19) reg Sym Fiddle 3 125 Fiddle 3 125E4

Sym Fiddle 3 125

Price: £2274.00

Introducing the updated and improved Fiddle III. Alongside the awesome, deeper finish, Two Tone colour schemes, there have been some really clever and...

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